Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP and Handmade Holiday


Yes, more granny square happiness. This is my little sampler project, another autumn garland. I was going to hang it above the nature table to add some color to our very white walls, but now we have the felted leaf garland there instead. So I'm still deciding where it will go. I do need to decide soon though, since it won't be autumn for too much longer. I also don't know if I will put it away when the season changes, or if I might find a place where it can brighten up the house all year long.

I also just finished a big sewing project. A blog friend who is taking part in a Handmade Holiday had asked me if I would make some prairie style nightgowns for her two daughters. Long and pink and with ruffles and matching was the request. I was super happy to oblige. I love too this post she wrote about her thoughts and family's traditions for gift giving at holiday times. They do much the same as we do. Though as to what we do, I will save that for another post, becasue this one is really about "the list".

It seems like so long ago now that Tonya began her wonderful Handmade Holiday project. And perhaps I thought that she was just a bit too far ahead at the time. I should have known though, she is such a wise friend, I should have listened... Now here it is November, and I am of course just beginning. (In my defense though, remember I had to finsih the nightgowns first, and there was autumn crafting to do. It seems like autumn crafting should come before Christmas making.)

Well, looking back to last year, my timing is just about the same. Really I did look back at my gift ideas post from last November. And no, I did not at all get everything made. I never intended to. My lists will go on forever.

So, I think my list this year is something like...

Dresses, of course, like every year, to be given on winter solstice. But if I don't have enough fabric to make dresses, especially for tall tall Chloe, then I may have to make skirts instead.

I want to knit something warm and cozy for them. I think legwarmers. I need a project I can easily work on in the evenings. This would be it.

I am considering making them little granny square afghans for their dolls. Or maybe extra tiny ones for their dollhouse dolls.

From my list last year, I still want/need to make them needle books. Because it concerns me sometimes, all those sewing needles lying about! So I will really try to do this. And I would love to be working on an embroidery project so maybe a little something on their needle books.

And we will make them some kind of plaything but I haven't thought about that yet. Perhaps a little dollhouse doll, or wool animals, or wool playscape! I will start thinking of ideas, while I knit...

It's a vague list, but it's a start, and I'm feeling more productive already.

Happy creating and handmade holiday to you!



Julie said...

A granny square garland, I love it! Great colors, too.

Anonymous said...

OH ruffles, I can't wait to see them :).

Thanks again to you and your for sharing your talent with us !


Sarah said...

You are ahead of me on planning gifts. I have figured out what to make for my husband, but not for the girls.

suzanne said...

HELLO Renee~!

I Just LOVE your bunting. The colors compliment each other so. I have tried crocheting a square numerous times and I do not know what I do wrong but I always end up with a mushroom cap. So fustrating but just no time to investigate why it happens. One day is one day down here~ I hope your family is well Renee. Stay warm in your little home up in the mountains. Sun is blazing down here. Also crafting away like crazy. Taking on way to many projects.

Love to you Renee and a happy day
Lots of love

Tonya Gunn said...

Thank you for sharing your handmade holiday thoughts. Your granny square bunting is sooo sweet Renee - what a wonderful idea.
I also have it on my list to make some baby doll blankets for my two little one's dolls too.
Stay well and I am sending warm wishes your way,

a little crafty nest said...

The big list of all the little lists has begun! Perhaps they are never meant to be "finished" anyhow, because for me, one project merely springboards into several other ones! Oh the fun of it all! I love love love your latest autumn garland. I, too, look forward to seeing your projects...happy crafting!
xo Jules

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Such lovely bunting, Renee, I love your idea.
Have a great weekend, we will be covered by tons of rain ;)

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh gosh I have so much to SAY!
First- yes, leave the granny squares out all year, they are gorgeous with happy colors!
Ella is tall, tall, tall too- I used to be able to get a dress/jumper for her out of 2 yard of fabric. Now I need 3. . .
And I am planning on needle books too! One for Ella, and probably one for Ollie Winter too, since he likes to sew.
I also have a vague list going, and I need to solidify my ideas into real plans. Of course Ella and I are getting more and more and more excited over our woodland "scene" gift for the boys- it keeps growing! I made a pond yesterday. :)
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Renee I love you little granny squares I really look forward to trying these out. I completed Sania's little lamb that he wanted for his birthday and now I'm thinking of knitting a moose for Christmas. I love your crafting ideas and the girls would be so happy to have their dresses or skirts. I hope you're not too cold :) Much lovexxx

kendra said...

this garland looks more winter-holiday-y than the autumn leaf one! maybe it's the photo, but i see christmas! just darling, renee!

saraelise said...

The garland is brilliant~just brilliant!! It sounds like you have lots of holiday goodness going on.:)

Kelly said...

Oh so beautiful. I just love all those vibrant squares. Keep them up! I too getting into a tangle with crochet but persevere I will.