Wednesday, August 7, 2013

everyday riches


Yesterday Chessa and I decided to play a game, making a list of all the things we are rich in.

We are rich in family.

We are rich in love.

We are rich in health.

We are rich in land.

We are rich in trees.

We are rich in candles.

We are rich in flowers.

We are rich in clothes.

We are rich in dolls.

We are rich in cats.

We are rich in horses.

We are rich in dishes.

We are rich in wooden horses.

We are rich in books.

We are rich in notebooks.

We are rich in beeswax.

We are rich in pencils.

We are rich in crayons.

We are rich in fabric.

We are rich in wool.

We are rich in baby.

We are rich in girls.

We are rich in sisters.

We are rich in handmades.

We are rich in skills.

We are rich in gardens.

We are rich in seeds.

We are rich in compost.

We are rich in friends.

We are rich in memories.

We are rich in dreams.

We are rich in hope.

And then Chessa says, "Seems like we're rich in pretty much everything except money."

Sounds pretty good to us!

What are you rich in?



Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Awwww. That is beautiful! I wish out kids didnt have to worry about not being rich in money, but we are teaching them the wonderful lesson...that there is SO much more than to be rich in money. Your little bean is getting so big and sweet!!!

Much love mama,

Gail said...

Precious! Yes, you are very blessed ! Your third blessing is getting so big! Love the fabric....going to make something special? Blessings to you sweet Renee from Kansas! Gail

Tonya Gunn said...

I just love the title of this post Renee - and like you, we are rich in soooo many ways - money, though, is not one of them and that is ok - it is the path we have chosen.
Love your handwork and that salad looks so yummy!
Love Tonya

Mama Ash Grove said...

Dear Renee, this is so beautiful, and so very true. You are so RICH! In all the best things! This is such a wonderful idea, I'd like to do this with my children. I know one thing that would not be on the list- rich in sisters! Shea will say rich in brothers, which is just as nice. :)
HUGS and love, Mel

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh I had meant to say how big littlest girl is getting! And she is so perfectly woolie. And I feel so happy to see Ezri's pants on her!

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

You are indeed so rich and blessed! And such loveliness! Your big girls look so beautiful and so does your wee baby in wool and flower bonnet! Warmly, Sarah

Laura said...

this is so lovely, thanks for sharing it :-) rich indeed x

sarah said...

So much beauty here, its a real blessing to the reader.

Theresa said...


Tahara said...

You are also rich in beauty!...I love this post...I love this blog :-) said...

Just beautiful.
This blog is so nice, thank you!

prettydreamer said...

renee, what a wonderful post! ....a life filled with so much beauty!!

prettydreamer said...

renee, what a wonderful post! ....a life filled with so much beauty!!

Samantha Tara said...

I love it. And I can very much relate (-; Thank you for sharing, and for living your path! xo

Amélie said...

This post is a jewel!

Amélie said...

This post is a jewel!