Monday, December 9, 2013

first week of advent


The Festival of Stones. St. Nicholas came. Three oranges this year!

Maybe next year I will remember to re-post my advent calendar tutorial in time.

(If I wait for good light and unblurry pictures then blog posts will never happen.)

Our advent angel shows us how many days until Christmas, but that still leaves lots of asking... "How many days till St. Nicholas comes." "When is St. Lucia's day?" "When is Three Kings Day?"

So our Winter Festival Days Calendar should help with that...



Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Renee, I love that little baby shoe next to the big girls' boots! And then, even more- I love the little baby feet I see further down! How sweet she is.

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Beautiful! I love your winter festival chart.

Amélie said...

Dear Renee,
Thank you so much for your visit and comment. I'm so touched by your advent post, your little one holding that big orange, and the little schoe.
I love this time of the year, full of love and lights in the dark.

Lori ann said...

hi sweet baby girl! she had a birthday?! happy birth day to you too mama. birthdays bring up so much emotion, so much love.

love your advent post renee, especially your pretty calendar of festivals. :)

i hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season! xxxxxxx lori

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures Renee ! I wish I could felt the same Santa Lucia crown for my daughter you have on your front page !
And love also your chart !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the festival celebrations, with a 2 year old we've really been struggling with how to approach the holidays.

Nicole Vangen said...

I love your spirit Renee! You shine brightly!