Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Greetings

Summer seems to be so full, much busier than those cold winter days when we would make it to town only once or twice a month! There is the garden, picnics by the river, visits to our friends farm, camping, birthdays... This all really started in spring of course. Aprils farm visit was prompted by newborn baby goats, just five days old. It sure is hard to get good pictures of baby goats!

Also hard to get good pictures of your children playing and dancing about at a May Faire. This is at the small, not so local (about an hour away) Waldorf school. The girls had such a wonderful time! Jason and I were so surprised that our quiet little Chessa joined in with all the activities.

Birthdays kept us very busy as well, or me at least, giving myself barely enough time to make the girls gifts, which was a new doll for each of them. I have made several Waldorf style dolls over the years, and I think these are the best so far. The hardest part about making Chessa's was knowing that I couldn't take much of a break before getting to work on Chloe's . Here are a few birthday pics and one of the dolls too.

And in between birthdays there was a nice summer solstice camping trip. (And more handwork time for me, knitting new hats for the girls to keep their heads warm, since even in the summer up higher in the mountains here it can get down into the 30's at night.) We couldn't go where we originally planned, as a tragic skateboarding accident left Jason with a very hurt ankle, and hiking all day to a campsite was not an option. So we decided to drive up to a place we call "bluebell fields." It is about 8 miles up a dirt road that is so rocky and bumpy that it takes more than 2 hours to get up there! But rather than a field full of bluebells, we found a field full of cows!

So we headed up just a bit further and found ourselves a very nice spot.

We could hear those cows mooing all night long! We kind of wondered if we would wake up to find ourselves surrounded by them! But no. And on the way back down, as we passed our bluebell field, there was not a cow in sight. So we stopped and took a walk out to one of the girls special rocks.

Here is a cute picture we took of them in the same spot a couple years ago.

And here is a picture Chloe took of Jason and I as we were leaving. (I can't believe I am writing in such a public way. So unlike me. And pictures too? What am I thinking!)

Happy Summertime!!


Tan Family said...

Wow! I love your blog. Great pics of the girls' dolls. :)

Tahara said...

Welcome to the blog world :-)...You have a great blog here...I will check in often...

The dolls are beautiful!...I tried to make one once, maybe I will try again...

I love the garden and animals...I wish you lived close by :-)