Thursday, February 25, 2010

catching up, work at home woes, sewing love, etc...

Greeting friends! Quite a bit of catching up to do... Thank you so much for visiting here. If any of you have thoughts to share on my work at home woes I would be most interested in hearing them! Always striving for balance....

Sickness has decided to visit our home. We are on day five now! Not complaining too much though, can't remember the last time everyone was sick, probably at least a year ago. So, there has been lots of resting, cuddling, staring out the windows. Fortunately the view is nice. We got two more feet of snow over the weekend! Seems it has mostly passed, and now we have a bit of blue sky to cheer us. And plenty of books to pass the time. Farmer Boy, Milly-Molly-Mandy, Tiptoes Lightly... this is the first time Chloe has been sick since she has been reading well on her own. Makes it feel kinda special. Besides, we are pretty sure the sickness came from little miss Ila, it is totally worth it, we had a wonderful visit with our dear farm friends last week!

Where have I been? Sitting right here working. (Except for the day I was sick enough to join the girls on the couch.) I realize though that I have probably never mentioned here that I have a job. Two jobs actually. (Obviously I am not counting such jobs as mother, wife, teacher, homemaker... my favorite jobs!) Now I know that at least some of you have caught on to the fact that I have my own small business, an online cloth diaper/natural baby shop. That one makes me pretty happy too. But yes, there is another job. And while I am so grateful to have it, so grateful to be working at home, always with my children... it is so very hard!!! Details are complicated... I work for my mom, (she lives in los angeles, she is the best), I have done this job for about 5 years now. I work on the computer, I do not like working on the computer, we prefer to never have the computer on during the day, only after the girls are in bed, I try to do most of my work at night, I used to work only at night, but that can get very tiring, especially after years of it, so I am always trying to find a balance. Sometimes I have to surrender and spend one or two days a week working. Sometimes I feel like I am always working!! Sometimes I feel like I am just sitting here with my back turned to my children, sometimes managing homeschooling at the same time seems impossible, sometimes I break down in tears. Like yesterday, and last week.

Now would I sound totally crazy if I told you that I want a third job? (But it would replace the computer job.) Some of you may also know that during my first years as a mother my only job was the part time sewing I did at home. (Yes, I am so very fortunate, I have always been home with my girls.) It only provided a bit of extra income, bit it is of course something I LOVE TO DO. After Chessa was born I started working with my mom, and soon after that I stopped sewing clothing for sale, I did not have the time, I preferred to sew for my family only, and it was hard to do anyhow, there was nothing like etsy, we didn't even have a computer at first, we are in a small isolated town. Now though, I am ready to be sewing professionally again! Because like I said, it is what I LOVE TO DO! Not only is there etsy, (I have had shop plans for several years), but hey! I own my own online shop! I can sell my own organic children's clothing right there on my own website! So what am I waiting for? I bet it's not hard to guess that the answer is time! But I don't want to have to wait much longer, cause at the sewing machine not many days end up in tears, and it is something I can feel good about, stitching away in the space that shares my sewing area along with the girls play area. And of course these days they are often stitching away too. My dream, and it will come true, I just need to stay strong and make it happen!

(Some random pictures just for fun. Both taken on the same day about 3 years ago.)

Little Chessa, in a dress originally made for Chloe several years before, out of some favorite fabrics that I still have quite a bit of, somewhere...

mother/daughter sewing moment... happiness!

So I guess I should go ahead and let anyone who is interested know that our online shop is Little Sprouts. It is also something that I would like to be able to put more time into. Hopefully Jason will even be rebuilding our entire website soon. (And if any of you happen to know of some good logo design resources, something that we could do ourselves, preferably very inexpensive or even free, please let me know.)

The girls are doing much better today. Enjoying a morning snack of fresh baked bread and honey. And then their dolls are going to get up and have breakfast. They have been sick in bed for many days too!

This is the first time I have ever written a blog post during the day. (Though it was started last night.) Guess I just needed to take a bit of time for myself. And perhaps now you will forgive for some of my slow posting here. I really do intend to get back to my vegan posts soon. I think in the next one I will share a bit about our experiences raising vegan children. You may have to wait another week or so though!

Many of my friends have been posting their lists of ten things that make them happy. I would like to return this weekend and share my list too. See you soon! Now back to work....


Tonya Gunn said...

Well Renee, I had no idea you have an online shop... but I did know you are a wonderful seamstress! Yes,do what you love.
Ah, balancing all is so very hard it is true. Now that we are relying so much on our online shops I do have to spend a fair amount of time on the computer, but I do it between 5:00 and 7:00 am each morning. I am a morning person and this works well for us.
The knitting and sewing I just weave in and out throughout the day.
Sometimes though I do wish I had more hours in the day, but am grateful at the same time that my life is so full.

How lucky you are to live near Sara...

May you find joy in your work (meaning money earning role) as I know you find lots of joy in your role as mom.
Warm wishes,

Anonymous said...

your blog makes me happy. xoxo, sister.

the nest said...

Thank you for sharing all of those thoughts, Renee. When one is so multi-faceted/talented, some facets go hidden while others take center-stage. I look forward to your 'exposing' your shop proprietor side!

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Oh my gosh. I have heard of Little Sprouts for a long time. How cool is it that that is your shop!! That is awesome Renee!


suzanne said...

Renee...Sending healing blessings. Please remember that when the family is sick, everything looks gloomy from where you sit. Your sewing is amazing. I just love your little ones apron. Your little sprouts shop is awesome! You have such a wonderful peaceful feeling in your home and the shop feels like that too. Within no time, I am sure you can most definitely replace your computer job. I remember Donna Simmons saying ..take a breather..don't feel guilty about it..gather your strength , put all your plans together and when you come back you will be energised. The girls are learning around you all the time...Mine learn around me during the day too as I knit.
All the best . If you need any help, please mail me.

Warm regards

Sarah said...

Good luck with all your ventures. I work at home too, but have children in school most of the time. It is still a bit of a juggle, so I wish you well. It gets easier and easier as the kids get older.

Mama Ash Grove said...

I found your blog recently and love it- your life is beautiful, your girls are beautiful, and you are very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

It must be the moon...check out my post in which I am saying pretty much the same thing.
I realized one day after being on Facebook that my virtual garden was being tended to better than my REAL garden. It was time to step away from the computer and BE HERE NOW*

Nicola said...

i didn't know you had an online shop! i used to work outside the home and i know the juggle can be difficult. hang in there and i am off to check out your site!

Anonymous said...

Your cup is definitely full! Glad it's with stuff you love.

Indigo, madder, marigold said...

Oh Renee, what is it about mothers that makes them takeon so much? Because we can do it that's why. Yes, we have tears, too. Sigh. What a balancing act it can be.
you ARE lucky to live near Sara.
And, to those of you who are on Facebook, you can become a fan of Little Sprouts on Facebook and let your friends know.
I hope you all start feeling better Renee. Thanks for such a thoughtful post. I know there are so many WAHMs out is a joyful struggle!
Much love, Angie

kendra said...

renee, thanks for sharing this! i don't think there's too much risk in doing more sewing. except never being able to do all you want. but that may be a lifelong thing for all of us! : ) i became a fan of little sprouts!

Kelly said...

Hi Renee
I know how you feel about work from home woes. You are so busy and so talented and creative! I worked for 6 years home based for a local company - all computer based work. July last year, I gave it up. Too many nights I was up until 2am getting all the accounts done and so tired but no time to be tired with three young little guys. And all that computer time..Sure we really, really could do with the extra income and it is hard doing without it but we get by and right now, for us personally, I would rather focus my energy on the children for now - they are so young. I really know where you are coming from. Some mamas seem to be able to do so much but I am not one of them. Hope you are all feeling well and good. Your shop looks fantastic. All the best wishes for your future endeavours.

Best wishes

themagiconions said...

I'm another who hears you so clearly... it's so difficult to balance it all. Finding this balance is my focus for the next few months... It is such a blessings to have your work be what you love... go for it!
Your baby shop is amazing!
Blessings and magic, Renee... your dream *will* come true.