Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright...

Well, it was partly cloudy, and perhaps you could call it fair, if by fair you mean not super freezing... I am certain that winter has not gone yet, but I am feeling very hopeful for the return of spring.

We actually celebrate February 2nd as "Brigid's Day", as that is what Chloe likes to call it. She has quite a fondness for Brigid, as do I. I love the image of her as keeper of the hearth, as midwife, I see her as protector of the home, bringer of strength, and peace... I am so grateful to say I have felt a lot of peace in our days this past month. (Much more than in December, a month for which I had such high hopes, and at the end was left quite drained.) I am feeling more strength as we head towards warmer and brighter days.

Our nature table is reflecting the calmness I am enjoying these days, as well as the paleness of color that is surrounding us outdoors. There will surely be some pinkness joining the picture soon though.

We ended our day yesterday at our fire circle. (Successful winter bow drill fire.) Brought out the last of our fir branches from the holidays, laid them across the flames, and said goodbye to the darkest days of winter.


sarah said...

so wonderful


Kelly said...

Hi Renee
I am glad you are feeling stronger and more peaceful. I share similar feeling as you with regard to December. It is good to know that spring is nearly upon us. I love your fire circle. There is something that feels really good about gathering around a fire outdoors. Have a lovely week.

Meryl said...

When we were in Ireland a few years ago, we made a little stop off at St. Brigid's cathedral. ( ) Like your Chloe, I love her story.

We used to always celebrate "The Feast of Persephone" on February 2nd (a holiday that was quasi-made-up by a college friend who had horrible seasonal affective disorder and thus always needed something to look forward to about this time of year)--the idea being to light candles and gather with friends to welcome back Persephone. Haven't gotten organized enough for that these past few years, but I think I need to bring it back.

camille creates said...

Hi friend, is the Jump Rope pattern Oliver+S?

leaningapplemama said...

i have been thinking about a bon fire these past few would be such a wonderful end to a day. i thought it would be fun to cook a meal outside in the winter over a fire!

also, just yesterday i was looking at our nature table thinking it looked so empty (compared to summer or fall) and full of just one color:) so i added a little stuffed valentine heart that my son and i made together, in his favorite color, pink! hope all is well, love, pennie

farmama sara said...

I'm glad the darkest days have fast as time goes it will be spring and time for planting!
I'm missing you guys, and hope we can get together really soon!

Lisa said...

Such a lovely way to celebrate.

* * said...

this is really beautiful renee, it is so lovely to hear of your celebration. i am bringing a bit of pink into our days recently as well and am feeling ready for more color outdoors as well : ) glad to hear you are feeling refreshed in this month xo