Tuesday, July 24, 2012

baby knits and big girl cardigans and lovely anne


 Hello friends, How happy I am to be joining Ginny and her Yarn Along once again!

Keeping me company in recent months has been dear beloved Anne. I have had this copy of Anne of Green Gables since I was younger, and over the years I have re-read it many times. I have been getting the other books in the series from the library, and am just now finishing up Anne's House of Dreams. I just love letting myself disappear into Anne's beautiful world!

My knitting at the moment is not looking like much, I just cast on this morning. The other day Sara gave me two huge skeins of Cascade Eco wool so now I am able to start this autumn/winter cardigan for Chloe. She was wanting her next sweater to be brown, and although this color is darker than we had in mind, we are so grateful for the gift. And so happy to be knitting!

After much deliberation as to which pattern I might use... tea leaves (too dark for that I think) shalom (I feel like it would require too much modifying, and thinking) same plain cardigan as last time... Well yes, same plain cardigan as last time. (Isn't that funny Melanie? I meant to tell you...) (ravelry)

And Chloe would like this one to have a hood, which I am very happy about about, because I think cardigans with hoods are so very nice. And I think we may have some just right buttons for it, I will be excited to try them and show you.

Oh yes, and the baby knits! Well, there are no baby knits yet! And at some point soon I may start to feel concerned with time. Cardigan and baby things will be my knitting priorities for the next months. The only reason I am starting the cardigan first is because I have no good yarns for baby knits.

Mostly for baby I am thinking of soakers and longies for cloth diapers and warm things like gowns, cardigan, bonnets of course! (Since we were vegan when the girls were born we never used wool, so this little winter baby really has no woolens at all, and that just cannot be...) So hopefully a few of these things for newborn can be made before the end of november comes.

I would love to know about any of your favorite patterns or wool yarns for baby? What is nice and soft? What works well for you for diaper covers? I have been collecting some free patterns from ravelry, I have the pattern for the vanilla soaker, and I have heard and it seems that the picky pants pattern from little turtle knits (I think? not looking it up..) is very nice so I am hoping to be able to get that pattern some time. These decisions, and thinking about things like gauge and yarn size and such are sometimes a little too much for me these days. But all the rest is fun. So so good to be knitting again.

 (Photos taken by Jason, a hike way up in the mountains a few weeks ago...)

Speaking of Anne, as she would say, don't these pictures provide so much scope for imagination?

With love, Renee



sarah said...

I don't knit ... but I do love Anne, so hugs to a fellow kindred spirit :-) And I love those wonderful photos!

Conservative Knit Mom said...

Anne Shirley must be in the air lately--I have picked her book up this week as well. we are true kindred spirits, indeed. Yes, I think Anne would conclude that there is much scope for the imagination in your photos. Casting on is always cause for excitement-it looks grand so far!

Alisa said...

I've used the vanilla soaker pattern and love it! I just got the sheepytime pant pattern to try for longies too, I was told that is a good one as well! I was able to order a bunch of skeins from 100pure wool last month and can't wait to start knitting with it. It is so soft and perfect for baby!!

Ginx Craft said...

When I was growing up my sister, who had long red hair that she wore in plaits, I think actually thought she was Anne of Green Gables. She used to wear a straw hat with a ribbon.

a soulful life said...

I just love Anne of Green Gables :)
I often use cotton yarn for babies as it is hypoallergenic and non irritating, it is also breathable and cool in the Summer.
What a lovely gift of yarn! Happy knitting :)

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh, Anne. . . sigh. And yes those photos do provide so much scope for the imagination! They are divinely beautiful!
And that sweater with a hood will be just perfect. I love that pattern, as you know.
<3 <3

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Hello mama!!! I have been thinking so much of you lately. Hoping you are feeling much better. I am deeply exhausted these days...35 weeks now. I remember talking at what felt like the beginning. Tonight I gave in to my exhaustion and just lay in bed. Little boys then came in and were jumping around me and I really wasn't feeling well. Then I wondered how on earth I am going to birth a baby with those monkeys around me! Glad to see a bit of knitting is happening, and you already know my fav baby knit... The baby kicking bag.

Much love mama, well have to chat soon. I finally got an answering machine;)


Tonya Gunn said...

Hello dear Renee,
Glad you are feeling at least well enough to knit again - what a blessing to receive yarn as well.
I have only recently been introduced to Anne - and fell in love as well.
Thinking lots of you,

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

So glad you are knitting again! Enjoy! The picky pants pattern is great and very easy!

Genevieve said...

I loved sharing Anne with my daughter. Anne and the Little House on the Prairie books were my favorites as a child.

For baby knits I love the Pilot Cap by Theresa Belville, Felipe (tiny vest) by Joji, and I really like Carina Spencer's baby patterns.

All the best to you & your family.

Lisa said...

More news from you, so good. I knit these diaper cover/soakers many years ago for my wee littles and can mail the pattern if you like, it was passed on to me by my mom, very rustic and simple:


I have some old and well worn woolen undershirts and would love to pass them on to you if you'd like them, e mail me your mailing address.

Keep on keeping n Renee, every day brings you one day closer to not being pukey anymore. :-)

And you get a baby in the end!

Lisa said...

PS I've never read Anne of Green Gables, I confess.

melody said...

The picky pants pattern is a good one! I'm working on a pattern for a baby sack sleeper sort of thing. If I get it done in time I'll be sure to send it to you! Baby knitting is the most delicious sort of knitting!

I hope you are feeling well!!!